• 【Company Name】 KURATA PEPPER Co.Ltd.
  • 【President】 Hironobu KURATA
  • 【Date of Establishment】 June ,2006
  • 【Paid-In Capital】 20,000,000 Riel
  • 【Head Office】
      #35 Street 606, Boeng kok 2, Tuol Kouk,
      Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA
  • 【Pepper Farm】
     Sre Ambel, Koh Kong
  • 【Business content】
     Pepper plantation management
    (Koh Kong, Sre Ambel 5.8ha 4t-year average yield)
     Wholesale pepper
     Retail sales pepper

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     Raffles Hotel Le Royal
     Hotel Emion
     Teav Boutique hotel
     Aqua Expeditions Cruise
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     Le Point Café & Bistro
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  • JAPAN:
     YASUMA Co,Ltd.

  • DENMARK:Mill&Mortar
  •     It was in 1992 when I first came to Cambodia to work as a volunteer at a returner's reception center located in Phnom Penh. Through my stay in Cambodia, I saw first hand the severe reality of a nation which had just undergone civil war and its devastating after effects. The deep suffering of the people, and the complete loss of infrastructures and industries were mind boggling. I soon came to a realization that by contributing through agricultural development, a war-torn country can start to rehabilitate and reconstruct by providing empowerment through vocational training and employment. Therefore, after finishing my activity as an volunteer in 1994, I started researching agricultural products in Cambodia which had potential to export worldwide.

  •     As fate would have it, my grandfather, who once traveled to Cambodia in the 1960s, gave me an old document regarding Cambodian major agricultural products before the civil war. This led me to find a description about Cambodian pepper.
    Cambodian pepper has a long history. As early as 13th century, it was already introduced in an ancient Chinese book. In the 1960's, it was highly appreciated mainly in European countries because of its fine quality, medicinal properties and natural health benefits. Sadly, the pepper industry in Cambodia was devastated and destroyed due to the Khmer Rouge in the 1970's.

  •     Therefore, i am sincerely committed to revive the legendary quality of Cambodian Pepper, which was once called "the most delicious pepper in the world", and to make it world famous again.
    I established Kurata Pepper Co., Ltd and started growing and harvesting 'highest quality' and 'organic' pepper since 1997 in Koh Kong in the southwest province of Cambodia which has the best conditions for pepper production.
    In 2006, we started exporting our products abroad to Denmark and Japan and it was highly appreciated and in high demand by consumers of the countries.

  •     It is my greatest passion to further contribute to the development of agro-industry of Cambodia by producing the world's finest pepper without any compromises. From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to tell the world how delicious and how beautiful our pepper is.

    Please enjoy our pepper!